Monday, May 18, 2009

Love Life

I sit here breathing in the air that keeps me alive. My heart is pumping the blood that carried life giving oxygen to my cells. I am alive!

There are days that life is really hard. I need not list all that goes wrong with life, but I do need to speak out that even in the difficulties life is a good gift. Life. Precious not because of its scarcity, but because of its fragility! Life can be shattered in an instant or slowly be lost in tiny minutes. Precious life.

My heart is grieved that so many choose to count life as nothing more than a happenstance. How much more is God grieved over our careless attitude toward this precious and amazing gift? We have grabbed the gift and demanded our choice to terminate life. We demand our rights to have only the best of life and not the hard lessons that teach, reveal, and develop our character. Sadly we choose to stop life before it even has the opportunity to begin in earnest. Abortion is a deadly word.

When did we decide that we could cut off a life for not better reason than our life would become more difficult? Who are we to snatch away the life of another for greed?

We live in a dangerous time. The danger begins before birth. Helpless and without defense, babies are forced to fight for that precious life. They have not been given the choice. Their protective womb becomes a battlefield where the outcome is certainly not in their favor. The Bigger, more powerful enter their sanctuary to steal away their life. Precious life!

My question today is what side would our governing officials and our President take if bigger and more powerful bullies would barge into homes of the innocent and kill in cold blood those who dwelt there? Is there a real difference between such a horrible and detestable crime as that and abortion?

Giver of Life, I fall on my knees begging You to forgive us for allowing these innocent babies be violently murdered! We are a nation who has stood on our pledge that we are a nation under God, but we have taken Your throne away from You and misused our freedom to choose. Forgive us! Father, I choose LIFE! I stand firm and speak out today to say our President and lawmakers are wrong to allow murder of any kind to be done in the name of another person's rights to money, revenge or simply inconvenience. change us, O Lord, from the inside out! give us hearts that Love Life and protect the precious gift You want us to enjoy in abundance!
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