Friday, May 8, 2009

Is God Real?

As we grow up we are faced with realities that things are not always what they seem. Magic (at least most magic we see on TV) isn't real it is only an illusion. Our favorite fairy tale characters are not real but only stories. Then we find out that our parents, whom we thought were perfect, really aren't perfect. so what is real? Is the God we can't see really real? Or is He a myth too?

My Granddaughter is struggling with these issues right now. She is too young to worry about this in my opinion, but she has serious discussions with her classmates who are slowly convincing her that God is not real. This means that the war is on! We stand on Gods' side and they stand on the world view.

So I ask, how do I help my granddaughter see the truth? I can't push her into believing. It would be much better if she comes to that belief on her own. Then she can own her faith in God. It will belong to her and her choice to accept Him.

I can pray. Prayer changes things. I believe in the power of prayer. I believe that God hears and He wants my Granddaughter to know Him, love Him and believe in Him. I can share my faith: Where do I see God? Why do I believe? Who is God to me? How has my life changed for the better because of knowing God?

For anyone looking in today, who does not believe I first pray: Father open their eyes that they might see Your good works, Your creation. Remove the influences of the enemy who would blind them from seeing the truth. Let them hear Your voice calling to them to Come and fellowship with You. Give Your body the boldness, the love, the words to draw them closer to You and not from You. Teach us all, O Lord, how to reach out to the lost and confused souls who need You now!
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