Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My Grandaughter, Paige, is enthralled with every new thing that my Grandman, Scott learns as a 10 month old. When she sees him successfully accomplish a new task she exclaims that it is a miracle! I've giggled whan she has said it but today I am beginning to see the truth in her exclamation!

It is a miracle of life and learning. Without Gods' marvelous plan for our development we would not see those "firsts" that enable us to perform more complicated tasks.

There is another kind of miracle that doesn't happen every day. god intervenes sometimes in our lives to make them better. I had that kind of miracle today! I've struggled with my cholestrol levels for quite a few years now. I have again been on a small dose of the statin drugs, always causing me stress and body aches that create other problems in my life. So I've been praying because the low dose would not in itself make a big difference in my cholestrol. Today I saw a touch of God. Only He had the power to lower my levels 100 points ! It is He who is changing my body so that I can do the job He sent me to do! I will claim it as a miracle!

I know this post is unlike most of my posts. It is personal in nature, but it can also teach a lesson. Miracles come from the hand of God. His touch can change our lives. He can make us to grow or take away problems. Whatever He does is wonderful! First steps or a fixed problem all bring Him glory!

Miracle Maker, You are to be praised! You are the Goodness in our lives! You are the touch we need every day! Thank You!
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