Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Family Unity

Bloodline. Covenant. These two words are the glue of which families are made. The connection between parents and their children born from their union creates a bloodline and they become family. But there is also covenant parent/child bonding in adoption. The covenant of marriage joins a man and woman together in a way that connects them as one.

The unity of bloodline and covenant lasts even when we as sinful people rend in two the relationship. Pain and heartache are the symptoms that prove the union stronger than our will.

If we are connected by blood or covenant vows, we belong to one another. Belonging is a comforting word. It can be true that we belong to a church family, but if there is no covenant with Father God, we do not find family there. He has bound us with covenant and with blood so we can be in his forever family only if we choose.

The truth is that we can find family by happenstance or by choice. Who will we choose to forge covenant family ties? Will we be willing to be faithful to our families so that our unity will remain strong?

Family unity is a God inspiration! May it inspire us!
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