Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fingerprints on the World

I am well aware of my smallness in the world. I have no delusions of influencing the entire world toward a personal purpose. There is little that I can do on my own or even with a following of like-minded friends that could push the ideologies of the world in a different direction. But inside of me there resides a Power that pushes and urges me on to leave my fingerprints on this place I call home.

Impressions of who I am when God works through me are deep and lasting. Without Him I can do nothing of worth. Jesus even said the same. He only did what He saw the Father do and thus left the impression that was eternal.

This first week of Lent has had me focused on dying to self. It may be time to impress my family with what God is doing in me. That is, not to impress them for myself but to lift Him up and glorify His work in and through me.

You, God, are the Father of all. You can love my family through me if I submit my life to You. Leave Your fingerprint of love on my dear ones. Let them know You through me.
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