Thursday, March 5, 2009

Family Forever

One of my greatest desires is to see all my family in heaven. I want them all to trust Jesus' work on the cross and not themselves as their redemption for sin. Jesus wanted that for His Mother and brothers as well. He told us that it is to those who believe that He will become family. (see Mt. 12:46-50)

With that goal in mind, the question is: how do I follow Jesus in leading my family to know Gods' saving love? Jesus' example was to first do the Fathers' will in every circumstance. He loved them by demanding the same requirements for them as He does for us all. He lived a life dedicated to God in servant hood to Him and those He was with.

Serving family can sometimes become a duty more than an act of love. Serving in love is a heart felt action. As I wash dishes, pick up dropped belongings or separate stinky laundry, I must allow my heart to participate. The participation of my heart in serving my family will be seen by them as a new attitude. They will see Jesus working through me and be drawn to Him. That is what i want.

Lord Jesus, You are the greatest among us because You became the servant of all. You are my source of servant love for my family. Reveal my heart. Cleanse my heart. Pour Your servant love into my heart so they may see Your love and be drawn to Your heart.
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