Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why Me?

Most of the time the question, "Why me?" is related to the tragedies that come upon us. We want to know why we, being good people, have to suffer. Come join me today as I ponder the opposite.

"Why me?" Why has God chosen me to recieve the benefits of His Sons' death and resurrection? Why would He allow His Spirit to dwell within this jar of clay? How could He possibly pick me for a task in His kingdom?

Me? I have nothing to offer in myself! All I have is my choice to let Him work in and through me. I am the glove. He is the hand. I am the shoe. He is the foot. I am the body. He is the life!

You are The Life that flows in and through me, Lord! You are the "Why" of my life! You are! I thank You and praise You because You are amazing! You are! You are purpose. You ARE!!!
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