Monday, October 4, 2010

Birthday Girl

Today is my #2 Gradlady's 9th birthday! Brooke is very excited for today, as any 9 year old would be. I have to admit that I am a bit happy and sad for her today.

I am happy that today she gets some little special treats. I am sad that all her big dreams for her birthday won't happen because of lack of money. I wish I could do more for her birthday, but the important thing is to make sure she knows how much she is loved!

The family is coming together to celebrate in ways that are unique and special to Brooke. A special dinner and treats go alongside the little gifts that say we love her. Even God is getting into the fun surprises!

Today as she walked to school with her friends. Two school buses passed by them. One was decorated with balloons and a sign saying "Happy Birthday." Grown ups can argue that it wasn't meant for her, but the child in me recognizes God's hand in giving her that special delight! God knew that a decorated bus would delight and make a fun memory for any child. That it came on her special day and as she walked to school was more than coincidence! God prepared a treat that would delight Brookes' heart! God loves her so much!

Brooke is a strong little girl. Determination, persistence, wit and insight are some of her character in which I take pleasure. Little girls learn quickly how to use their words to draw others in or push them away and Brooke is no exception. She loves the color pink. She loves gymnastics and winning! She will push herself even if others give her a way out. Brooke brings a new perspective to our family discussions, mostly with a humorous bent!

Brooke makes me smile and laugh at the harsh and dismal world. I am so glad she is my Grandlady#2!

Father, You have created a magnificent creature when You created Brooke! Her birth was a miracle. You have placed in her unique and amazing gifts and talents that are so fun to watch. You have generously given her to our family and we are ever so grateful! Having her live in our home for the last 8 years has not always been easy. Forgive me for overlooking the gift You gave. Thank You for teaching me through Brooke. Thank You for making her shine in my life, and showing me more of You! Bless her abundantly! I pray she will live a long and healthy life, know You completely as her Lord and Savior and walk with You all her days!
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