Friday, October 22, 2010

My Birthday

Today is my birthday! God has been pleased to give me another year of life on this earth. I am blessed to have 59 years of testimony of God's rich blessings. I pray that my life gives God glory!

This morning as I awoke to a new day and a new beginning towards another year of living, I thought that life is amazing! We celebrate each year heading toward a doorway that leads to eternal living! I am so happy to have Jesus' presence today and to be assured of His presence in the future!

Life is chosen. We choose life when we chose God's way of living. God gives and sustains life. We chose to receive and enjoy each day as it comes! For me there is no fear of death. Only life awaits for me when my days end. Today I will celebrate this day and all the past days I have been given. Today I rejoice in living and the blessings of lives that surround me with love!

Father of Life! Giver of breath and living water that sustains and transforms me, thank You for my life. Thank You for the lives of those who love me, including Your Son Jesus! I pray that my every breath will breathe in Your life so that I might exhale life into those who are suffering and dying without You! My life is Yours! In this I will be happy!
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