Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life Long Battle

One week ago today, my daughter, Briget, was in labor to give birth to her first child, my fifth grandchild. Abigail Grace was born after a grueling labor and a c-section delivery. I watched the battle from the early stages. I entered the arena several times always leaving with more determination to pray and support this new Mommy and Daddy and their child as they fought for life.

God offers us a choice of life or death and He entreats us to choose life! He is the giver of life and desperately wants us to embrace its fullness. However, we do have an enemy who would deceive and discourage us from accepting the life given by God. It becomes a life-long battle to hold on to life and life abundant!

Not all battles are won with a perfect plan that is perfectly executed. Abigail needed intervention in order to enter this world with the least of complications. There have also been other battles that raged over the last week. Our sons' wife, Laura, battled an infection and won with the help of antibiotics. A miracle brought our pastors' daughter safe , though bruised, from a severe car accident. We know that more war needs to be waged in the upcoming months when my husband returns to the operating room to fix the knee that was supposed to be fixed last year. In all of our battles we must remember that God said the battle was His. The victory is ours, even if we may not see the present skirmish resolved as we desire.

Yesterdays' battles offer faith and courage for today. Each day has its own troubles. We can face this days' trials knowing that God is faithful. He will get us through, make something good come to us despite the wounds, and deliver the ultimate victory if we remain truly His.

This day we celebrate a new life joining our family tree. We take time to thank God that the one who steals, kills and destroys was bound. He may have taken some little pleasures but he will never steal life everlasting that Jesus gives. Abigail is healthy. Briget is mending, Jimmy is relieved! God is mighty and faithful and always good!

Almighty Father, You are the strength we need. You are our strong tower. We run to You and are safe! You have brought us through a storm because You are our protector and Savior! Thank You for Your love and watchful eye. We trust You to care for Your children in all ways. I pray we trust You for life and life abundant even through our wounds.
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