Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Laughing Out Loud

This morning I have been wondering when I last laughed out loud. Since I can't readily remember, I figure it is time to look for a laughing moment. To be honest, I am not looking for a little TeeHee or even a short HaHa moment. I want my next laugh to be a belly filled squeeze that makes my eyes leak and maybe get me close to wetting my pants!

In the past I've laughed like that over little bitty things. Sometimes it is something I say that made no sense or came out wrong. Sometimes it is someone else who has let go with just that little bit off kilter trivia that suddenly tickles me deep inside. It is always a surprise! It is those little things that can open up the lid with which I've kept my emotions in check. It is time to pop it off and give my tummy a workout, squeezing all the bottled up worries, confusion and fears out and fill me up with the simple pleasure of laughter.

I have a picture of Jesus laughing. It is an inspiration to me because thinking of Him enjoying a good laugh lets me know there is joy in this crazy mixed up world. Jesus came into the world to do serious business. He wept many times. I'd like to think He also laughed much! What do you think He laughed about?

Did Jesus laugh with the little children? Maybe the disciples disapproved of the children coming to Him because they were too serious minded to see the benefit of laughter. Did Jesus laugh at the wedding feast and maybe even chuckle at His mommas' request for help? Did Jesus laugh at dinner with Zacheus and his tax collector friends? In what does Jesus find delight? Does He laugh with me over the silly things I do? Well, maybe He just laughs. I can be too serious about my little missteps most of the time. :o) I think I'll read one of the Gospels and look for times when Jesus could have laughed.

Jesus, You are a Joyful Spirit. You are the fullness of Joy! Your joy gives me strength! I am too serious sometimes, Lord. I know there are times I must be sober, but these days are overwhelmingly trying and I see light in Your laughter! I want to run to You and be engulfed in your pleasure and Your joy! Thank you for filling me with good things. I pray that I will soon be surprised by Your deep joy that squeezes me to the point of tears! Would You let me share it with someone too? That will double my lasting happiness!
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