Friday, October 29, 2010


I cannot count how many times in my day I intercede for someone. It isn't always in prayer, though most of the time it is. A few words can turn a squabble between my Grandladies into a laughing spree or just a quiet acceptance. A few words in prayer can calm the fears of a friend, opening the door for her to receive peace in the middle of her storm. Just a few words, and a caring heart makes one an intercessor.

The heart of an intercessor is never closed to the hurt of others. They see, hear, and feel what others are going through. A prayer warrior has no power of their own. They receive the direction of the prayer from the parties concerned. They go between as a communicator with no power to change the situation for others.

A few days ago I received an email from Master Media Ministries. They minister to the top executives in the media and ask people to pray for two people by name each day. I am happy they are sending out their names via email now. I do not need to refer to a printed sheet lined with three months of names for which to pray. When I got the email this last week, I felt a tug on my heart for all my family members. Some are going through a tough time. Others have no clue as to why they need Jesus in their lives. Still others are very opposed to the ways of Christ. My family needs an intercessor.

The idea was born. I would make a calendar of family names. Praying specifically for two members of the family every day. I asked my sister if she would like to join me, and she responded with enthusiasm. The list of names is complete. The calendar is being made today. My hopes are to see Gods' hand move and the hearts of my family to be moved also!

Do we have a few words to spare? Do we care for someone enough to use those words on their behalf? Do we care enough for God, our Father, to speak out His love to those at odds with Him? It really only takes a few words spoken in love.

Father, You gave us Jesus and the Holy Spirit to intercede on our behalf. You have given us Your Word so that we might be reconciled to You. You anoint us with a call to pray and intercede for others. I don't want anyone to fall through the cracks because no one cared to pray. I am sorry to say that I have avoided prayer for some people who I thought would not want prayers. Forgive me! Maybe they don't want prayer, Lord, but You do. Thank You for calling me to prayer. Thank You for the honor of speaking to You on behalf of others. Thank You for the privilege of speaking to others in Your behalf! Open my ears to hear Your words for them. Open my eyes to see them as You see them. Open my heart to care enough to be faithful in prayer.
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