Thursday, October 28, 2010


Children learn by playing. They play out life situations and learn about relationships. They play with the materials around them and discover color, numbers, and letters. They learn engineering and physics though they won't understand it fully for many years, maybe never. They learn by playing with water, toys, dirt and food. They are amazed at our world and delight in discovery!

There are few people in this world that continue to play. They put aside play for the adult activity of work. Those who do play at their work love what they do and enjoy everyday playing for money. It is the envy of others to watch the smiles of those who love what they do! I wonder if it is possible to change our minds so that we can love whatever we do for work.

There is a scripture that tells us to do whatever we do as if we are doing it for the Lord. (see Col.3:23). Maybe in knowing we work for the Lord we can find excitement, joy and satisfaction that we found in play as a child. Certainly that would please God. He asks us to become like little children so we can inherit the Kingdom of God. Is He telling us to play for our inheritance? Maybe.

I have a wonderful cd with a recited poem that stirs a playful attitude in my heart. The cd is entitled City of Gold. It is all about heaven, and the poem I like best describes heaven as a playground. The last stanza speaks for all of us too proud to let ourselves become as one of Jesus' little children.

"I suppose I might be too tall for the entrance.
Ah, but Lord, chuck the rules in the bin.
If I am too large, tell the angel in charge
To let me bow down and come in."
by Adrian Plass (c)1997 Little Room Music (administered by IQ Music)

I suppose if we do not learn to work at our play and play at our work we will learn to do so in heaven. I look forward to that day!

Father of the little child within me, Thank You for encouraging me to play and delight in Your world. You have created a marvelous world to explore and enjoy! I am so sorry that I allow fear to rule my heart, stopping me from taking the risk of discovery. Though I know I might find You and even myself in the amazing playground here on earth, I am aware that my sin and the sins of mankind have polluted the experience. But I thank You for allowing Your light shine in this dark world. I want to find the joy and delight You have given for my enjoyment. Open my eyes and ears! Let me taste and see that You are good! Let me risk the touch of You in my life!
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