Thursday, October 7, 2010

Perfected Government

Political ads are filling the tv screen, mail box and even our phone lines. Many are not aimed at the issues, nor at the candidates' own ideas about the issues. They are mud balls slung at the opponent to make sure the voters see them as a better choice. I imagine they believe that the one with the least mud will win.

Politics isn't much different than playground spats. Children who want to feel important tend to tattle, gossip and make known anything to bring down the classmate they imagine has more popularity or brains. Sadly we have not learned much since our playground days.

Voters watching the melee must decide who would be best to lead and guide our country. Do we really want to get what we see? How do we stop this cycle and demand a more sane campaign? Will we find a way to change for the better? Probably not. We will continue to do what works and what works is the truth or lies being used as a punch at the other side. Don't get me wrong, I want to know the truth before I vote and sometimes the opponent needs to make the truth known, because the other guy certainly won't tell you his past mistakes, not willingly anyway.

If we want honest politicians don't we want them to be honest about their strengths and their failures? That is risky politics isn't it? I think I would be inclined to trust a person running for office who was forthright in who he is and what he will bring to the governmental process. I would also know where he/she would need to be made accountable. As for now, who do I believe, those who have the most muddied campaign or those who have thrown the most mud?

Perfection only lies in God. If we seek to find a perfect match for our side of the issues we will surely fall into the mud with them. Maybe the best way to look at the ballot is to look first at our own truth. What are our strengths and weaknesses? If we can be truthful in ourselves maybe we can see the truth that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We will not find perfection in the polling booth. Our hope is in God. He is our perfect governor! If we are governed by Him and His laws we will find freedom!

We MUST VOTE. The important point is that we must vote with honor and integrity knowing that we too are sinners and our leaders are fallen too.

God Almighty You are the perfect Governor, Senator, President, Mayor, etc. You have given me the freedom to choose You as my Lord. You are the only one I can trust to lead with perfection. I am blinded in my choices and so I ask You to reveal what I need to see. I ask You to be in my voting booth and direct my vote in truth and wisdom. Thank You for letting me live in this wonderful country that was founded on the freedom You have given every person. Help me to be Your light.
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