Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today is our sons' 30th birthday. God brought David into the world through us and has blessed so many, including us, by His choice!

David has a teachable spirit. He listens to instruction and for the most part obeys. There have been times when he has not followed the wisest course, but he has learned from those experiences. David also has a joy that was fought for and won when he was young. Until about the age of two and a half, David was angry and kept himself at a distance from all those who loved him. Through diligent prayer and spiritual warfare, he was set free. God has, from that day, filled David with a lasting joy and made him a great hugger!

David has brought us a daughter (in-law) and two Grandmen to love. How could we not love that?

Our son, taught us to seek and trust God, receive blessings, and to smile! 30 years has gone by way too fast! David is a man we are proud to call our son!

Father God, Lord of all, You know David very well, better than we do! You have made him very special and we know You have the best of plans for him. We see only a small part of who he is and who he can become. Thank You for keeping Your eye on him and helping him to grow closer to You and deeper in Your love. Lord, Show David who You are and lead him in all truth! We thank You for allowing us to be a part of his life!
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