Friday, October 8, 2010

Abundant Life

What is abundant life? According to the Websters New World Dictionary, abundant means very plentiful; more than sufficient; ample. It also means well-supplied; rich. So, again I ask what is abundant life?

Is there more than one choice: the choice of life or death? God says we can have abundant life and so there must be more than just living. Life is a precious gift. Jesus offers us the gift of a choice to live abundantly or deficient. The abundance comes from relationship with Him. If we choose not to have relationship with Him, we live a less than sufficient life.

There are times when I walk through a valley of emotions. I struggle with life issues and stumble over thoughts that push me down. In those times, I must make an extra effort to open my life to Jesus. Patrick and I go through those tough places too. When we do, it is our choice to reach out to one another and to take time to be together in relationship. Jesus is my Bridegroom for eternity. His promise to me has always been more than just an ordinary life. Tough times can bring depth and fullness just as much as the mountain top experiences.

Jesus, Lover of my soul, You alone supply abundantly the life I long for! You give me riches even in the valleys. I am so sorry that I grumble and complain about those long hard days and nights! Please forgive me. Thank You for making all things work out for my good!
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