Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Looking to God

Yesterday I was a bit taken back to realize that I was looking to a person, not God to provide for my needs! I became aware of my misguided focus when the person I counted on could not supply my need. It was Gods' whisper of correction that turned me to my true source.

When I expect a certain payment or wait impatiently for a debt to be paid, my attitude reveals where I look for my source of provision. Anger, frustration, worry or fear is my compass telling me I am looking in the wrong direction. On the other hand if I live in peace and continue to obey, I can trust that God is always faithful. He will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus! (my way of saying Phil.4:19). I must look to my Heavenly Father for all my needs.

Heavenly Father, You already know what I need. You clothe the birds and the flowers! I believe You will do no less for me, Your child, and in whom Your Spirit dwells. When I turn away and seek other sources, please open my eyes and turn me back to You! I choose to look to You for all my needs. How can I ever doubt Your faithfulness when You so often supply more than enough and even most of my desires! You are good and I humbly bow to You as my provider!
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