Thursday, October 14, 2010


Jacob, my Grandman #2, is only three months old. He is just beginning to enjoy wonderful experiences with his little body. He has found his hands and yet still surprised when they randomly pass in front of his face. He rubs his feet together and seems to enjoy the sensation. The roll over is not yet perfected but every so often provides movement that gets him to a new place. He can even push his way to "some place else" while lying on his back by leveraging his feet and giving a good shove.

Yesterday, I was commissioned to chauffeur needy family members throughout the day. Jacob had to go with me strapped into his car seat for long drives. He has made it clear that he does not like the car seat. Though he is moving from one place to another within those safe confines, he feels bound and restricted. I would too!

There are times in my life when I am stretching, growing and learning new things too. I enjoy the new experiences or thoughts and revelations coming my way. I seem to be moving forward even if it is little baby steps I am taking, but then something gets in my way. I get tied down with something that restricts my progress, and I get frustrated. I am moved along to a new place, but it isn't where I want to be!

For Jacob, the restriction is for his safety. He may not delight in the new places yet, but someday he will. Maybe my restrictions are also for my safety, slowing me down so I can evaluate the bigger picture, or explore the idea that maybe God wants me to take a different route.

Life won't always be safe, but my loving Heavenly Father is. His times of restriction for me are not to harm me, but to bring me good. Just like my restrictions on my little Grandman in his car seat, God wants me to be safe, or sometimes just take a rest from the exercise of living.

Heavenly Father, your plan for me is good and exciting! I want to embrace all You have for me. I don't want to be hindered. Sometimes I know You hold me tight until I hear Your voice telling me the truth of why I need to be restrained. Thank You for revealing Your will. Thank You for revealing the enemies lies and my blindness in believing his lies. Thank You for protecting me in Your loving restraining arms. Complete the good work You have begun in me as You have promised. I trust You will!
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