Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cocoon Escape

I remember finding cocoons hanging from a branch of my favorite tree when I was young. I loved to tickle them and watch them squirm. I knew there was something alive inside, and I knew that if I was patient a butterfly would emerge someday. Recently I have witnessed the emergence of a beautiful butterfly in the disguise a friend.

I have known this friend for over fifteen years. In that time I have watched her struggle in her cocoon as a care giver for her husband. She was willing to die to herself so she could give him the care he needed. It is a beautiful love story. Her struggle was hers alone. I could be watchful and pray, but it was she, herself who was wrapped in the cocoon. As her husband walked closer to heavens' gate, she was changing, and I only hoped the change was good.

I wanted to help. I wanted to comfort, encourage and even understand, but like the butterfly in the cocoon, I could only see and understand a small part of what she was going through. Then it happened! In the release of her husband into the arms of God, she began to emerge.

My friend has struggled out of the confines of her bondage and has taken flight! She still misses her love and always will, but now her life is new! She learned to submit to God's will and timing through her confinement. She learned to allow His purpose for her life to be fulfilled. In all of the lessons learned she became a butterfly!

She now has a new purpose in Christ! She must fly and touch many lives with the message she was given in her cocoon. As I sat and watched, I have been encouraged that my cocoon will last only for awhile. Someday I will be released to fly and touch others for God in a greater way too! I must be patient! But I can't wait!

Mysterious Miracle Working God, You surprise us with resurrection power! You make Your ways known to us through Your creation! I don't like my cocoon. I have been comfortable here for awhile, but now I want out! I am trusting You to release me and help me fly! Thank You for Your wisdom and timing! Fill me with Your Spirit as I wait. I need Your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faith and self-control. Fill me! Use me!
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