Monday, October 25, 2010

Message from God

Last week my dear husband, Patrick, had two encounters that were extraordinary. Twice he had complete strangers come to him and tell him that God loved him. No long conversation, just a simple statement that God loved him. These messages came at a time when he was down and needing encouragement and hope for the future. The messages were timely and certainly of God.

Could it have been angels who spoke to Patrick? It is possible. Were they simply followers of Jesus Christ who listen to the direction of the Holy Spirit? Again, it is possible. Whoever these messengers were, they did their job well.

The next question is could God use me, or you, to bring His message to a hurting, bruised or lonely heart? Yes, He could and does! The encouragement we receive from Him must be passed on to others.

How is God encouraging us today? Is He providing for our needs? Is He filling our lives with peace? Is He assuring us of His love? It is time to pass it on. It need not be passed only to a stranger. Families need God's message too. Children as well as adults and our seniors need to hear God's messages. Are we willing to be the messenger?

God, You are the Living Word and the Author of our faith! Our faith comes by hearing Your Word. You entrust Your servants to bring the message of Good News to the World. I ask Your forgiveness for the times I have been silent and kept the message to myself. Thank You for trusting me again with the message of Your love to the world. Teach me to be silent only before You, so that I might hear the Word You want me to speak. Give me boldness and may I speak with authority and truth to the people You love so much that You sent Your Son to die for them! I want to be Your messenger!
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