Monday, October 11, 2010

Good News!

Have you heard the Good News? In this world we seldom hear good news, but there is Good News to be heard. We can even join in the experience of it on a daily basis!

Problems surround us. We wrestle with our finances, relationships, and all sort of other issues. The world seems to have turned wrong side up. Many people have embraced evil and call it good, shunning good and calling it evil. Within our own hearts we do, think and say things we do not want to do. God seems so far away! The truth is that there is separation between us and God, but He does not desire for us to be wrapped up in this place so far from His love and care. There is hope.

The solution was given long ago. God, Himself, loved us all so very much that He became a man. He alone could cross the chasm of sin that separated us from Himself. He crossed over in to our world and then died on a cross so that we could cross over into His presence! He did it all out of love for you, and me! Though He paid a price, He asks for no payment from us.

His free gift is held out to all. He wants so much for us to reach out and take it. He gives us free access to Him and all He has for us. What would you do to gain this free gift? Would you believe in its goodness and trust the giver? What would you say if I told you that is all it takes?

Why is it so hard to take a free gift from a good God? Maybe because we don't believe it is really free. But it is! I have to admit that religious people have made long list of what we must do to cross over into the heavenly world God has prepared for us. Once we choose this gift we fear that we must follow a long list of stringent rules that make this world near impossible to enjoy. Foolish notions like this are not from God.

Our free gift from God is unhampered relationship with Him! In that relationship we continue to have freedom to choose His riches of a life lived with joy and free from bondage, or remain stuck in our chains and blinded to the true beauty of life. In relationship with God we have access to the best ways to deal with the problems of this world. We are free to take His advice or live with the consequences.

I pray that this blog might reach one or more that are searching for that cross over place. Is that person you? Are you ready to hear and be a part of the Good News?

Father, You have proven Your love for us! You have done all that needs to be done so that we can live in Your presence, not only after we die, but now as we travel this world. You call us to take the first step to You. It takes faith. We must believe in Your goodness and Your free gift. I pray, Lord, that someone reading this will come to know You, by receiving Your gift of life. I pray that this day will be their beginning. Thank You for the cross. Thank You for Your love. Thank You for Your free gift.
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