Friday, October 15, 2010


My life feels crowded right now. My mind is crowded with learning new things, my time is crowded with not only the regular things to do, but the extras that have blossomed with family emergencies and the start of a busy season. My house is crowded too.

I've been trying to simplify my life, but it seems I clear out one thing and three more run to take its place! My house cleaning/simplifying job is the worst. There is no room in a house filled with two families to make everything fit. I'm getting rid of a bunch, but could give away more. My only thought is that when I move and finally open my packed boxes I might find I gave away not the "Extra," but the only one of a certain item! So to be safe, I keep some things I am not sure about.

I'd really love to do as the shows on tv where they empty the room, clean it out completely, paint and repair. The next step is to sort and throw out before placing the room back without all the clutter. To do that I need extra hands. None seem willing or available. So I may have to wait until we finally move. When will that be? I don't know. A list of things need to happen first. None have happened yet.

So back to my cleaning and moving clutter from here to there. I will get back to shifting things around the stuff belonging to me and five others and make the best of a crowded situation. In all of this it is nice to know that God can see me in this messed up world I live in! If I need help He knows where to find me! In fact, He is the one leading me out of this mess one little scrap at a time! This maze is not too complicated or too big for Him.

Almighty and All-seeing God, You are the organizer of the universe. The world revolves around Your plan. I have a plan, but it is far from perfect. I work hard to make my plan succeed, but it is not working as I would like. Thank You for leading me. Thank You for being patient with this cluttered mind and all my things that will someday be ashes. Thank You for teaching me the wisdom of letting go! Make me more like You, setting things in place and keeping them in order. I need You!
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