Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have been admiring the moon these past few nights. It has been so beautiful! Lit with an iridescent glow, like a pearl sitting amongst diamonds on a dark blue velvet cloth, the moon slowly rolls up to the heights spreading the suns warmth into the darkness. Okay, so maybe it is beautiful all the time, but recently it has had an appeal for me that keeps me wondering and enjoying!

It is no mystery that the moon does not own its own light source. It is a simple orb gently encircling our earth. It is illumined by the sun and shines brightest in the dark starry skies of nighttime. Our moon was created to reflect the sun. Though it has little to offer in its own right, it has much to offer when revealing truth through its reflective properties.

We could learn an important lesson from the moon. We are created to reflect the light of Christ. We are meant to spread His light into a dark world. It is also true that when we allow the world to get between us and God we become caught in a shadow that lessens our impact in the nighttime darkness!

The moon has no choice in moving away from the shadow of the world. It repeats its lesson for us month after month, generation after generation. God reminds us continually about the shadows of the world and our created purpose of reflecting His beauty and glory so we will not forget. We do have a choice. Yes, the shadows loom large sometimes, but we can choose to stand in the light. We reveal our own truth in where we stand. I often told my children if they were sneaking or hiding what they were doing, it revealed that they knew they were wrong. In the same way when we hide away from the light by sitting in the shadow of the world, we are revealing the condition of our hearts. It is so much safer to be in the light!

Creator God, maker of our earth, moon, stars and sun, I praise You for the lessons You teach and reteach through it all! I forget so easily and fall into the shadows without thinking sometimes! Thank You for reminding me over and over that my beauty can only be revealed when You shine out to the world through me! Thank You for creating me to reflect Your glory! Continue to teach me through creation. I have many lessons to learn.
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