Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We have all seen the amazing domino constructions where, after hours of work, one little push makes everything tumble! I felt that way yesterday.

After working on the bathroom floor for two days, I placed the final peel and stick vinyl tile into place. My knees hurt from the hard floor and my back hurt from the bending. I was ready to finish up and clean up. We had a new toilet seat to replace the old one, and so we tackled that, thinking it would be a simple task. Unfortunately the rusted bolts burst our balloon of tired frustration and a hard tap of the hammer not only loosened the bolt but broke the toilet.

Renovation Realities! If something can go wrong it will! We bought the new toilet, but the installation stalled with wrong materials. So we wait and share one bathroom with six people for one more day....we hope!

The day did not end with only the renovation problems. A call from Patrick's sister informed us that his Mom is in the hospital for tests. The dominoes continue to fall all the way into the weekend. We will be going to see Mom in South Florida two weeks earlier than planned. More plans need to be changed.

Plans are changed everyday. Many are simple adjustments, but there are days when our plans fall like dominoes. It is hard to keep a good attitude in those times. I think it helps to remember that we might make our plans but God will direct where our steps will lead. (see Proverbs 16:9) Our plans my be laid out perfectly and yet, in Gods' sovereign way, He can help us grow in character and more like Christ through the plans we so carefully made falling over like dominoes. We may plan a bathroom renovation. He plans an exercise in patience and humility. We may plan a weekend of many activities. He may plan a memorable visit and time with those we love.

What are your plans for today? Are you willing to let the Lord lead you through those plans, even if it means a misstep in your estimation? The Lord is good and His ways are perfect. Look for the lesson to be learned and smile at His teaching method!

Rabboni, You are my favorite teacher, even when the lessons are hard. You are wise and good and I know You teach truth in all things. I don't always find myself being a model student. My spirit is sometimes unteachable. Please forgive me! Thank You for always being ready to lead and guide me through my plans. I want You to establish my steps in truth and on the solid foundation of Your word. Make me a teachable student!
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