Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yo-Yos and Roller Coasters

Weighing myself is often an up and down experience. I don't weigh myself every day, but I still am surprised when I step on the scale to find it lower or higher than I expect! It is not only the scale that swings like a pendulum. My eating and exercise join in and are the reason for the unexpected yo-yo or roller coaster ride.

I know I am not alone in my struggle with weight. I look around and can see others who either are fighting or have given up the fight. I am not proud of my lack of discipline. I am not happy with how I look or the number on the scale, even when it is lower than I thought it would be. Because of my discontent, I try very hard to control my cravings and to get my body moving. The sad part is that I am not perfect, and I have not reached the place where those changes have become my lifestyle.

Every day I enjoy small victories, and mourn my defeats. I keep trying, even if the goal seems so far away. I always can count on God to push me, comfort me, and love me right where I am.

The Christmas season looms ahead with all its activity and delightful tastes. My goal for this holiday season is to stay in balance. If I get off balance I will try again. I will remember that Christmas is not about the food or about the fun. It is about Jesus. I think He wants us to celebrate, so I will. He also wants me to let Him be the LORD of my life, so I will, even in this struggle.

God of the harvest, You have created our senses and the things that delight them! We celebrate with memorable tastes, home-spun aromas, beautiful sights, and sounds that fill our souls with joy. But we sometimes over do or allow these delights to push You away. Forgive us, Lord. Thank You for sending Jesus so that we can celebrate the Good News of Your salvation! You are our reason to rejoice every day! Help us all to live in balance and in glory to You! Help us to enjoy the Seasons of our lives fully with You at the center!
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