Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I had every intention of blogging when I got home last night from the hospital (Patricks' surgery), but I was very tired. Though I did send out some emails and posted Patricks' news on FB, I quickly decided that I'd wait to blog.

Surgery is a blessing for which I am thankful! Surgery is needed when a decision is made that we can no longer live with things as they are. This includes the emotional and spiritual surgeries that we undergo throughout our lives. Cutting ourselves off from activities or people that prove to be detrimental to us is a surgical exercise we do under the supervision of our God, the Supreme Surgeon!

I am grateful for Patricks' surgical team. They studied many years and have done everything humanly possible to extend Patricks' healthy and active lifestyle. In the same way, I am filled with gratitude to God, my surgeon, who cares for me when I need soul surgery. He prepares me and then with my consent, removes the offending action or bond with the wrong sort of person, and then surrounds me with rehabilitating chances to change. It is all for my good. It is the only way, sometimes, that I can move on to a healthier and more productive life in Christ.

Supreme Surgeon, Healer of all my diseases and Savior of my soul, You are to be praised! I give my praise and thanksgiving to You alone for the times of successful surgeries in my life! I need Your forgiveness for the times in my life when I choose not to let You help me and refuse the surgery needed. Please continue to open my eyes and hound me with Your truth that brings me to my knees. It is there where I will submit my will into Your loving hands and allow Your two edged sword pierce my soul and separate the good from the bad. I am hear today to listen.
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