Friday, November 19, 2010

Aging Gracefully

My Mom is moving! She has decided that her house and yard, though small, are too much for her to handle. She is moving into an independent living center. We were informed this week. She already has her key and will begin the move as soon as possible!

This was a big surprise for all of the family only because even at the age of 80, Mom is already very independent. She has a job with AARP, volunteers at her church, and bowls regularly. She has, until recently, been determined to stay in her home. Her decision has brought out another round of discussions with the family concerning Mom and what should happen as she ages. The discussion is good, not only for Mom right now, but for me to look ahead into my aging experience.

Aging is not an easy process. Never is! It is especially difficult when it becomes apparent that we will continually lose more than we receive as we age.

We will all face these same issues, and we all will react differently. Some may fight to the bitter end to hold on to things accumulated throughout our life. Some may jump at the chance to get rid of it all and step into the simple life. It may be unfair of us to think that everyone will think or feel the same way.

People have long wanted to put a cookie cutter stamp on each stage of our lives. Those who resist make us smile with their out-of-the-box determination to live fully on their terms, or cringe at their battle against the status quo.

The important thing to me in all this is that my Mom has decided for herself. She has chosen the security of the independent living center, along with and the freedom to come and go as she pleases. She knows her limitations. I am happy for her, and I love her courage to make this decision. She gives me hope that I will be strong in my later years to make the decisions that keep me living abundantly, and release my family from burdens of my making. I want to have the strength and fortitude to release my life accumulations a little at a time and let only love and memories remain.

Ancient of Days, You are the author of life. You have a plan for each of us. It is Your desire that we live fully in Your plan making the most of each day given to us. We, Your creation, find it difficult growing old. We fight it until we can fight no more. I am sorry that I would rather fight than live in peace with myself and You. Thank You for my Mom whose courage and wisdom are examples for me. Thank You for leading her. I rejoice with her and ask You to bless her with peace and contentment. I want her to know You are with her all her days! Thank You, God our Father!
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