Monday, November 8, 2010

Breathing in the New

Life begins with a birth process and ends with an eternal birth process. Both are a death to a previous life and an entrance into a new existence! Both involve a struggle to break free from the bounds that hold us back from the next step in the process of giving God Glory.

There are times when the birth process into eternity comes way too soon. Some find the process quick and others find the process a long and tedious labor. Those who watch and wait may find the process an emotionally draining event. There is a mixture of joy, wonder, fear, sadness and heartache. There may be a deepening of faith or a new found faith in walking through these shadows.

Our natural birth is marked by the taking of a breath. Our birth into the eternal is marked with the expiration of this worlds' breath and the breathing in of a new. Christ followers believe that the new breath will be forever. It is a breath of the Spirit of God. We leave the womb of this world and enter the heart of God. His presence is our breath! His heart is our heavenly home. His life is our life.

Father and Eternal God, You have birthed a new spirit in us who receive Your Son, Jesus, as our Lord. You lead us along the way to our birth into eternal life with You. Please forgive us, Lord, for not seeing beyond this world into the true life that You give us. Thank You for each birth into this world, the birth of their spirit when they receive You, and the birth of Your children into their Heavenly place within Your heart. I pray today, for my Mother-in-law who may be struggling towards that beautiful place. If You would choose, I ask that she have just a bit more time here to enjoy the family who has lived so far away for so many years. If You have other plans, Lord, we will be glad in You and in the breath of life You give her. I trust You. Thank You, Lord for life!
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