Friday, November 26, 2010

From Thanks to Gimmies?

Black Friday. Even the name sounds depressing. Yes, I know it is meant to pull the retailers out of the red and into the black, but it still does not sound like a joyous event. Watching those who participate confirms that the Giving of Thanks has passed and a time of Gimmes has arrived!

Last night the news reported that there were even some people who decided to forgo the "Thanks" and jump into the "Gimme this for Christmas" plan. I like a good deal just as we all do. It is hard to resist even when our pockets are squeezed. The stores draw us in hoping we will do some impulsive spending, picking up a few extra bargains. I have been known to be a sucker for that, so I stay away from this impulsive shoppers credit black hole. It is more than the grabbers at my checkbook that keeps me away though. I desire more from my holiday experience.

I do not want my Thanksgiving to be all about food, neither do I want my Christmas to be all about what I want or even what I can give. I want my mind to be aware continually that my Heavenly Father has given me all I need and even most everything I want! He gave me His Son. My holidays are to be a blessing to Him.

This reminds me of what I heard a preacher say as I listened in the car yesterday. He basically said that we cannot bless God without Him first blessing us! What a wonderful thought. When we go to God, asking for His blessing, our prayer includes that we will give Him the praise if what we want is given! We need Him to give to us so we can have what we need to give back to Him the praise. I guess it all starts and ends with Him, as it should!

Giving God, You are the one who blesses our every day. You give good gifts to us Your children, and we can only give You back what You have first given us. It is because of this that I know my holidays and every day should be my gift back to You. Thank You for all You do for me. Thank You for being with me always! Help me lead others back to You through my gifts and my celebrations! You deserve it all!
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