Monday, November 15, 2010

Nothing New

Ecclesiastes 1:9 states: "What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun." (ESV)

This topic is very difficult to write about. My mind wanders to the news stories of children kidnapped and forced to do unspeakable acts for the pleasure of those bigger than them. I am reminded of the anger displayed by those who use weapons to speak for them, even against the innocent. I think about the perversions we have embraced as a society by our silence or tolerance. All of these things and more are weighing on my heart today. But there is nothing new in any of it. We may think it is new because we have made sure it was hidden in the darkness for a long time, but it was there waiting to be set free by popular demand.

My thoughts all began when I started thinking of Christmas. In that silent night long ago we would like to think that the evil resided only in the King Herods and Roman soldiers of that time. I've learned from history that much of what we see in the news today was also rampant in the time of Jesus. That is why He came! That is why He still offers Himself as Savior to everyone.

My friends and family who follow Christ agree with me that the world seems to be more evil. Maybe we are wrong. Maybe the evil has been there all along and we were strong enough to keep it in the dark. Maybe we have been too lax in our spiritual warfare. We have closed our eyes and refused to see the enemy working to bring down the walls that kept them bound.

God, Our Father, Righteous Judge, Forgive us for not standing firm against the enemy! We have allowed him a foot hold in our nation and we seem powerless to rein him in. Thank You for providing us with the weapons that fight against the powers and principalities effectively. Thank You for prayer. As the world seems to be filled with evil let Your people rise up, stand firm and never give up our territory, our souls. Keep revealing Your truth so that we will not be deceived. We need You now, Lord!
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