Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day for us in the U.S.A. It is meant to be a day of gratitude for all our blessings. Sadly, I think it has become a day of stuffing ourselves in a festive way to begin the Christmas rush. I've already heard friends and family, even my own thoughts, wish the day were over and their Christmas to-do list completed. If we would pause for a moment and take the time to really look back over the past year and see the blessings we have enjoyed from a new perspective, could we enjoy celebrating with patience ?

Patience is not always a happy word. We want others to be patient for us, but seldom think about when others have to wait for us. We want patience, or so we say, but we do not want to wait for it! I think Christmas is a very impatient time of year. The anticipation of all its promises makes the waiting hard.

In the Catholic church where I grew up, we took time to celebrate Advent, the four weeks before Christmas. I like Advent because it causes me to slow down. I take time to empathize with those who waited so very long for our Savior, Jesus Christ, to be born. I consider our wait for Him to return in glory. Advent helps to fill me with patience for Christmas.

This year Advent begins on November 28. Until then, I will take a moment to pause and give thanks to my Father in Heaven for the richness of His grace and abundance of blessings. I will remember all the family and friends who have shown me love and forgiveness throughout the year. I will not jump into the busy rush that the world demands. I will be patient. I will consider Gods' patience with me.

Father God, You are the Master of the fullness of time! You have set the sun, moon and stars in place and march them across the sky to help us mark time and seasons. You set the pace, and yet, I try to rush through to the future. Forgive me for not enjoying Your plan. Forgive my impatience. I don't want to wait for Your best, sometimes. Thank You for all my blessings! You have given me much to be grateful. My list is long and I need time and patience to wait on You and tell You how wonderful You are to me! Fill me with Your Spirit of patience as I enter this season of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Make my every day a day of gratitude and the spirit of unconditional love. Hold my time in Your hands forever!
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