Thursday, November 18, 2010


Our church is participating in the Operation Christmas Child of Samaritans' Purse. We are filling shoe boxes with small gifts for the children who are needy and will not have much for Christmas. Patrick and I are excited to give what we can. It is fun to imagine what a child might enjoy when they have so little.

Shopping for our shoe boxes has given me an appreciation for all we enjoy. Walking through the stores I was again amazed at the abundance that surrounds us. Huge stores with shelves piled high are not the exception. We have many stores to browse for our many items with various styles, colors, sizes, etc. Sometimes it really is too much. I have found myself standing before the shelves of some product and find it difficult to choose the item I want. Too many choices makes the choice difficult.

Are we losing something by having so much? Are our hearts hardened to gratitude when our every need is met with an array of choices?

As Thanksgiving approaches I want to remember those little children who delight in a shoebox of little gifts. When we need to tighten our belts this Christmas because of the economy this year, I want to remember that even in our meager gifts, we have so much more than we really need. Every day we should give thanks to God for the riches He has generously given us.

Generous God, You supply me with every need. In fact You provide me over and above what most of the world has. I have often forgotten Your blessings. I have not always appreciated Your abundance in my life. Forgive me! Thank You for opening my eyes to truth through the ministry of the shoe boxes. Soften my heart to give and to be grateful. Make me like You!
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