Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today I am writing my 500th blog! It seems almost impossible. I still feel like a novice in the blogging world. 500 blogs is a milestone that I want to celebrate!

I have achieved some milestones in my life that were worth celebrating. Graduating from college, becoming a published author, and mothering four children into adulthood are some of the big ones. There are little milestones, too, such as finishing a cleaning project, organizing my closet, creating a craft project that makes a wonderful gift.

When I began this blog, a picture of the woman in scripture who found her lost coin after cleaning and searching her house popped into my head. It may have seemed a small feat to most of us, but to her it was momentous and worthy of celebration. Well, my 500th blog is maybe small to my readers, but to me it is a big deal.

Why is it so important to me that I've blogged 500 times? It is important because in the steps it took to get here I had to find persistence, commitment, purpose, and sometimes courage to go forward. I also recognize that in doing this blog, God has been with me whispering in my ear and revealing Himself to me. This blog is a gift to me, and I hope it is to my readers and to those who happen upon my ramblings.

My Lord and My God, You are the giver of good gifts. I am honored, humbled and blessed to be chosen by You to write Your message to the blogger world. I am among many that You have called, Lord, and I know that without You my work is futile. Thank You for calling and equipping me to do your will. Thank You for using me. If You choose I would like very much to continue for another 500 and beyond blogging messages. May they be from Your heart through mine.
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