Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Expecting a Pregnant Christmas

I love being pregnant! I loved being full with my children as I carried them in my womb. I also love meaningful and significant times of my life when I am full of the expectation of something new. To be pregnant, it takes a seed, the seed of a man placed inside a woman, or the seed of God placed inside our hearts.

Jesus spoke of His word as a seed, and told a story to illustrate the importance of the soil. It makes perfect sense to me that I must prepare the soil of my heart for the seed God wants to plant there. Again, it begins with expectation and the anticipation of the seed.

The first Christmas was Gods' planting of a seed into the world. Jesus was the seed that was buried and yet rose again producing many seeds and filling the earth. I am one of many seeds. It is my calling to die to myself and be planted in Gods' perfect garden for me so that I might grow and produce more seeds for His kingdom. It is time to be filled with God. It is time to be pregnant with the real meaning of Christmas.

Dearest Lord Jesus, You came to earth as a tiny baby. You rested in Mary's womb and let her mother You. I want to be filled with Your Spirit! I want to allow You to birth good works in me, works that will point others to You and become the seeds that will grow Your kingdom here on earth! I expect Your seeds to be planted within me and in anticipation I prepare my heart with good soil. Thank You for using me to spread Your word.
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