Friday, November 12, 2010

No Excuses

My husband, Patrick is a middle school teacher. We have many discussions about the young people in his classes that choose not to learn. They are capable, even if it is difficult, but they choose not to put forth the effort. They "tune out," not listening to the lesson. They push aside the work before trying to think it through. It is frustrating for teachers and very sad for the students.

One of the things we often hear, not only with students in school, but also with Christians making excuses about not reading their bible, is "I can't understand it." It may be true. It is hard to understand new concepts at the beginning, but it need not stay that way. When we make excuses, we essentially begin the fulfillment of our own prophecy of being ignorant. Excuses prevent us from using the tools given to us. I heard a quote today that tells it plainly. "Losers make excuses, Winners find a way." (Author unknown)

If you have ears, hear. If you have eyes, see. Jesus told us to hear and see so that we would know. He could have easily have gone on to say, "If you have a brain, think!" Even those who cannot see, hear, or who have suffered the loss of some basic abilities most of us enjoy, have proved that we can learn. We can know.

Knowledge of our world or our God comes to us if we are teachable. The way has been provided. We must not let excuses block our path to knowledge.

What are your excuses? Are you willing to be teachable? If you have ears or eyes, Jesus says to hear and see!

Dearest Lord Jesus, You are the greatest of all teachers! You made the Good News known to us through parables wanting us to hear and see just a little deeper. I can find many excuses not to learn. I know that hurts You. You want me to know all that I can. I am sorry. Thank You for teaching me to hear and see Your word and Your world fully. Take me deeper into You so that I might know the truth. Break my excuses and help me find a way!
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