Sunday, November 28, 2010

1st Sunday of Advent

It is time to prepare for the celebration of Christmas. In the tradition of the church, Advent is the time four weeks prior to Christmas. It is the time of reflecting on His coming as an infant to save us from our sins, rest in His presence now, and preparing for His return as King and judge of the earth. I love preparing my heart and renewing my mind in Christ for the celebration of Christmas. Will you join me as I blog each day my thoughts, questions and meditations?

Each year I choose a theme for my Christmas meditations. This year my theme is "God with us." My theme is my focus in my every day devotions and in my preparations of giving and planning the seasons gatherings of friends and family. I find choosing a theme helps me to make Christmas real. It draws me deeper into Gods' truth.

I love Christmas! I love the lights, decorations, songs, giving, and all the rest! I love it most because, for me it is all about Jesus coming to fix all that is wrong in me and the world! He promises that evil will someday be wiped out, and I trust His word. His promise will be made true.

Christmas is promise. God promised a Savior and Jesus arrived as a little baby. He lived among us and revealed the love of God to us. Jesus promises that He will be with us always. He lives with us every day in our hearts. He also promises to come again. The question is, am I ready? Will I give up all I hold dear in this life to meet Him in the air? My promise is that this Advent season I will make preparations in my heart, soul and life to give Him all I have when He comes.

Emanuel, You are the God of promise! You are faithful to fulfill Your word. You deserve my promise and my faithfulness, but I cannot do it without You! Thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus, and Your Holy Spirit who dwells within me! It is only because of You that I have hope to celebrate this Christmas growing deeper in You, and eternity forever giving You praise! I am Yours, Lord.
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