Monday, November 29, 2010


What do you expect from your Christmas holiday? Every year I wait in expectation of a new revelation of Christ. I want to know Him in a new way. My theme often takes me on a journey to see Christ in a new way. I expect my searching to bring me to a treasure, and He never disappoints.

What did Mary expect when the angel Gabriel appeared to her? Her expectations came from God's message to her. She expected that His word would be fulfilled as promised. God had promised a Savior to come to His people, Israel. He promised it would come to a virgin. Did Mary expect that promise to be made full in her? We don't really know.

We do not know her thoughts before the encounter, but we know she was ready to say "Yes" to God. She was prepared to give herself. I think she expected God to use her. It may have been her lot to be used in a small way, but instead God asked her to be used as the mother of His only Son! I believe she expected God to be with her either way. And He was.

I search my heart wondering if I expect God to use me? Will I expect those little things to which He calls me to be a fulfillment of His plan for me and the world? I confess I sometimes don't expect Him to use me. It is in the expecting that I keep my eyes on Him, ready to see His vision, hear His voice. In the expecting I become pregnant with His work and bring forth the fruit He has meant for me to birth. I must expect Him in my life if I am to be ready to say "Yes!"

Father of Promise, God of expectations fulfilled, You are my expectation. I expect You to reveal Yourself to me and use me. When I forget to expect You to be present in my day, turn my thoughts to You. I give You thanks for for Your wisdom in how to use a frail and faulty vessel such as me. Use me as You see fit. I am expecting You today!
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