Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Do you want to know a secret? I will tell you if you promise to not tell anyone else!

Nobody is perfect!

The funny thing is that not many of us are eager to let anyone else know this secret that really isn't a secret! We go to church, work, or even family gatherings and pretend. We put on a mask of being better than we really are. I know, for me, my mask includes not sharing my honest self with others at times. I withhold my opinions and my ideas, for fear that I might be rejected or thought strange. Since everyone else is doing the same thing it really isn't a secret, it is just a poor disguise of a secret.

People are very good at pretending that we are not afraid of what others think. We are very willing to say what we think others think we should say, or act as if we agree with others when we really don't.

What would the world be like if we let the secret out about ourselves? Would we feel free, or would we feel afraid of the quizzical looks and misunderstandings that would follow? I've tried it and I feel both. I feel free that I am being my real self, but when others stay hidden behind their masks I feel vulnerable and afraid. Sometimes I worry, that if people saw me for what I really am, they would not like what they see. It makes me want to hide again and it takes a bit of prodding to come out from behind my mask again.

I guess God really is the only Truth. He tells us outright that all have sinned and come up short. He not only reveals Himself in scripture but He reveals our true selves also. We must unmask ourselves before Him alone. Until we do there is no good that can come from revealing our secrets before men.

Holy Father, You see all things. The darkness is not a place where I can hide from You. It is only a place where my fears and insecurities breed. You are the God of Truth and Light! You do not hide Yourself from those who seek You. I need to come to You often during my day letting Your truth and light shine on me. I need You to reveal my secrets so that I may never be afraid to let my secrets be known to the world. Thank You for fixing Your all-seeing eye on me. Thank You for opening my eyes to know You. Take my mask. It is useless before You.
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