Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Vote

Yesterday I cast one vote out of millions. On the surface my one vote should not matter much.

Like a drop of water in a bucket sloshing around with many other drops, my vote seems to disappear. But what would the country look like if I chose to not cast my ballot, or did not share my views with neighbors and friends? I am not saying I am always right in my choices. I, too, fall prey to the ads or the voices of others'. I am saying that in our country the speaking out with our vote is more than saying we like this person to be our leader. We cast a ballot in union with others of like minds so that our collective voices might make a difference in the direction our country heads.

My one vote joins me to fellow citizens. My one vote makes me part of the living and breathing body of government. We are a government of the people by the people and for the people. My one vote is a privilege of my position as one of the people.

In the body of Christ, I only get the vote of joining. Even that vote was purchased by Jesus. My one vote for Jesus Christ as my Savior has admitted me into His body. My one vote does not change Gods' direction for the body but changes my direction to follow Him! With my one vote I have a privileged position as God's child.

Did you vote yesterday? Have you cast your vote to be saved? I pray you did and you have. One vote can make a difference!

Sovereign and Saving Lord, You have my vote to govern my life! Thank you for offering me the choice to be one of your children. Thank You for allowing me to live in the U.S.A. where my one vote counts. Help me to choose wise and virtuous leaders who look to You for vision and guidance! You are LORD!
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