Wednesday, December 1, 2010

He is the Promise

Every parent knows the excitement and wonder of the possibility that is wrapped up in the little baby they hold in their arms. They dream of great things their child will do to influence the world. Their coos and goos are imagined to be the next singing sensation. Their dexterity is interpreted as athletic ability worthy of a gold medal. Parents hold in their arms and their hearts, high hopes and dreams for the tiny gift given to them from God. It takes years to unwrap the gift.

God the Father had high hopes and dreams for His Son, too. He knew from the beginning what Jesus would do. He knew how He would change the world. I wonder if when the angels sang "Glory to God" over the stable if God, the Father, wept knowing what His Son would suffer. If I knew what my children would have to suffer along life's' way, I would weep. I have been spared the knowledge of future pains, but God gave His Son knowing He was given to save the world from sins destruction by suffering horribly under cruel men. God spared us the pain and gave us hope, dreams, and possibilities.

I hold my grandchildren and dream good and wonderful days for them. The best of those days is the day they receive the Promised Son of God. Jesus is our promise. Jesus is Gods' "Yes!" to our dreams and hopes!

Rest, little ones, He promises to care for you because He is love and Love has sent His promised Son. He is your gift every day, not just at Christmas.

Loving Father, You have given the greatest gift of hope and possibility to us who will receive. I want that for my children and grandchildren and for myself! We do not deserve this gift. Because You love I will take it! Thank You for Your promise. Thank You for Jesus!
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