Thursday, December 2, 2010

Last night I watched a program I had recorded from the History Channel. It was titled The Real Story of Christmas or something close to that. Unfortunately the real story of Christmas was discussed for only about one minute, with the rest of the history of Christmas being filled with Santa stories, origins of our Christmas tree, and other traditions. I learned some things I did not know, but though not surprised, I was again disappointed that God with us was of so little importance to the makers of this show.

One of the interesting, yet disturbing, elements of the show involved the influence of a few men in changing the focus of our celebration from Christs birth to a family holiday that is merchandised more than enjoyed.

I am not anti-Santa. I allow him to be in our family celebrations with limits. He is not the central figure, nor is his actions allowed to over shadow the act of love God showed when delivering His Son to our world for our defense against sin. Santa is a believer in Christ in my home, and his good deeds are his worship to God for his own salvation.

I am also not against times of celebrations with family. Anytime is a good time for me to enjoy my family and celebrate Gods' goodness.

My decorated Christmas tree gives me much pleasure. I love the lights and the ornaments that hold wonderful memories of blessings from God.

The difference between my Christmas and the worlds Christmas is Jesus. Christmas comes to me whenever God reveals Himself in a new way. Just as He showed us His love, mercy and grace through Jesus, beginning on that First Noel, He comes to me. I am a simple vessel just like the manger. I am a place for him to be revealed to the world. It is through my good works that Jesus can be high and lifted up.

God of Glory, You once came as a helpless infant and lived a life never grasping for the glory that is rightfully Yours. It is even now, when men, and even I, have pushed Your amazing truth into the back ground, that You humbly make Yourself known as God with us. Forgive me for forgetting You when the world crowds into my thoughts. Thank You for being patient as You wait for me to visit Your humble abode. Shine Your light so that I might see the place Your glory dwells. I humbly bow to You!
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