Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One Step Forward

If we take two steps forward and one step back, we are actually taking one step forward.

Looking back over my last year, I am happy about the challenges I've faced and overcome. I am sad, however, that in some of those victories I've lost a little ground. It wasn't my intention to step backwards, but I did. Maybe it was out of fear, or maybe I just was not sure of what I was doing. It could also be the simple fact that breaking a habit takes time. Old habits creep in to take away a bit of the new and, well, I am sure you know how it happens. We all slide backwards now and then.

I remember learning to drive a stick shift and finding myself on a hill where I would roll back before I could get my foot to the gas peddle. If someone was behind me I would panic and hit the gas hard, causing the car to die. It was a hair raising situation, but somehow I never did hit the car behind me! I soon learned the delicate balance of brake, clutch and gas. I guess it is the same when starting a new habit. We need to learn to balance.

If taking two steps brings us off balance maybe the best thing to do is to take one step back. We have still made progress and kept ourselves in balance. I think I'll try to remember this when I find myself sliding backwards into an old way of doing things. I'll take a look in the rear view mirror and determine that I will take one step forward in balance!

My Lord God, Heavenly Father, You lead me with Your Spirit and keep me looking ahead! Thank You for forgiving my slide backwards. I trust You to keep me in balance. I need You to surround me and deliver me before I go back to where I do not want to be! You are good!
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