Sunday, December 5, 2010

Advent Week #2

Once, when the time was right, God sent His only Son, Jesus, to live with us here on earth. Christmas is the remembering of that special first night. God entered into His creation. It was a magical and awesome moment!

Angels, shepherds and Magi rejoiced and worshiped at the feet of a boy child. God had created a passage between heaven and earth. The gate of His entrance into our world was a womb and the gate of His entrance was a tomb. It is through the gate of Jesus Himself that we enter His eternal and heavenly world.

I imagine that our entrance into His world will be met with jubilant rejoicing of angels! Jesus and The Father will set out a feast for our eternal union with our Bridegroom!

I remember my dear husband standing at the altar as I walked the aisle to meet him for our vows to be heard by witnesses. He had tears in his eyes and later we celebrated with laughter and joy! Can you imagine with me Jesus standing ready to welcome us to the wedding feast, with the Father beaming with great joy? It will be the greatest of joys! God will be with us in a new way and forever!

My Dearest Lord Jesus, You are the Lover of my soul. You are my Bridegroom. I am preparing myself for the day You call the church to be Your bride. I can only imagine it to be beautiful, awesome, deeply satisfying, and joyful beyond words. My heart yearns for You to come soon when I think about that day. There are other days when I am having too much fun and so many blessings here that I hope You will wait. Thank You for allowing Your Father to decide. He will certainly know the right time for all of us! Until then, Lord, I need You to prepare my heart and my soul. I need Your Spirit to be strong in me so that I might show others the love You have shown me! Today I want You to come soon!
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