Tuesday, December 14, 2010


He is present with us......
walking the shopping malls,
trimming our tree,
baking cookies,
wrapping gifts,
going to parties,
and all other Christmas time activities.

In fact He is here with us every day and every hour.

He is here with us....
when we celebrate the milestones of our lives,
when we sit alone wondering if anyone cares,
when we are sick or dying,
when we have lost a coin or a loved one,
when we have found our way
when we need anything or when we think we need nothing,
He is here. He is present. He is Jesus God.

Where are you today? What do you need? He is the gift given that is ever present.

Thank You Lord for being the all present God. Thank You for being the gift that really does keep on giving! Thank You for always being with me!
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