Tuesday, December 7, 2010

God Man

When I think about babies, words like little, innocent, soft, gentle, vulnerable, and a host of others like those come to mind. I certainly do not think of words like power, majesty, or God!

It is almost impossible for my limited mind to put the words baby and God together unless, of course, I use the name Jesus. It is only in Jesus that the fullness of God and the fullness of man can be expressed.

The song, "Mary, Did You Know?" is one of my favorite Christmas songs. It makes me take a good long look at the baby in Marys' arms and try to understand the truth that the baby is God in the flesh. In that tiny package lived THE awesome, majestic, holy God. Every hungry cry, soiled diaper, and sweet slumber cuddled in His Mommy's', or Daddy's', arms was an act of love from a hugely humble God. He loved us so much! He wanted to be like us in every way!

Our God, who spoke the worlds into being, would cry until He learned how to speak. This amazing God, who formed man from the ground, would learn the lessons of obedience and truth from His earth-born parents. God, who holds all power and authority, would be the most vulnerable of those He came to save. My feeble brain cannot fully understand. I must believe. I must receive by faith. God and Man in one life, for one purpose, made the first Christmas a holy and humble day.

Holy God, I am without words to describe You! I am not worthy to be near You, but You come near to me! You enter my every day and become all I need. Thank You! Thank You.
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