Wednesday, December 15, 2010

His Presence Demands Change

The presence of God in our lives demands repentance. We cannot stay the same as we are now when we stand before the God of creation and our Righteous Judge.

Today I had a doctor appointment. It was just a regular exam, nothing unusual happening. Like almost all doctor visits there was a weigh in, and blood pressure check. It is very much like standing before a judge. My body was being judged on its health today. In some ways I am faced with truth that demands repentance of some old and difficult habits to break. My weight is not where I want it to be. I have tried to lose but have not succeeded. I need help.

The great physician is ready to help us with all of our problems. Sometimes He sends a helper and other times He does the work in us Himself. It is the awareness of His presence in my life that makes me want to change. It is His presence that gives me the power to do what it takes to change.

Great and righteous Judge, you are also my healer. I need help to change what I cannot change. Thank You for being present in my life and for giving me power to make the changes necessary. I submit my body soul and spirit into Your hands. Heal me Lord!
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