Friday, December 10, 2010

Favor with God

Finding yourself favored by God can be a challenge. Look at the young girl, Mary. She was one of Gods' favorites and she was asked to be the mother of Gods' Son, Jesus. She would face shame, danger and heartache if she accepted the task. She said, "Yes."

Mary was favored because she believed in Gods' promises. She said, "Yes" because she had a servants' heart. Like Abraham, she trusted God even though the road looked impossibly difficult. She let God make the plan for her life. She obeyed each step of the way even though she was honest enough to question. She allowed God to answer her doubts.

We can learn much from Mary. We learn to believe, seek Gods' favor, accept Gods' challenge and trust and obey!

I am being challenged as of late. I never thought this job could be that I have been chosen by God because I have been favored. In this challenge my first thought is that I cannot do it! Mary couldn't do her job, either. Not without Gods' power in her life. It is the same with me. To face my challenge I must rely on Gods' power working through me. Could I mess up? Sure. I can take it and do the job in my own strength and my own way. I don't want to, though. I want to make an impact for God in this world. If He chooses me to do it in this way, I will obey. I will offer my doubts and questions to Him. He has all the answers!

Father God, You are the challenger! You want to do the impossible through Your people, Your favored ones. I admit I am sometimes uncomfortable being called favored of You. I want to be favored, but I also know my failures. You know my sins too, and still You show me favor. Thank You for using me! Thank You for empowering me to do what You have asked. Give me wisdom and strength, Lord!
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