Monday, December 27, 2010

The Week Before New Years

There are times when the week between Christmas and New Years Day is like climbing a mountain. I strain for the next day to get here, bogged down in lists of things I want to do before the new calendar begins. Cleaning up from Christmas and cleaning away the old years paperwork top my list. Each day I tackle another chore, and each day it seems as if I have progressed only slightly. The New Year arrives with me worn out and never organized enough.

Then there are other times when the week zips by me like a down hill sled! I race to catch up to all the things I want to get done in time for the clock to strike twelve. I never get organized until about February! Like my Dad used to always say, "The faster I go the behinder I get!"

I don't know which kind of week before New Years I prefer. Both are heading in the same direction. Both eventually get me to a place of semi organization. Maybe the way I get there tells me a little bit of how my year will be.

If I start the year in a race that goes in circles my year could dance rings around me, and I would need to find the discipline to stop the merry-go-round and hop off. If I step into the New Year certain I am on the right track, then I need to keep my focus and not let those pesky dancers on the sidelines, grab me into the dance half way through the year. Both demand discipline. The question is where do I get it?

I have, in the past, been able to rustle up some discipline of my own. I push myself and demand my life to be in order. But I have found that the discipline of simply obeying God is all I need. Whatever happens this week before New Years should be in line with His plan for me. That means that if I find time to organize I should. If I find outside influences taking my time and speeding me toward the countdown clock then I should relax and enjoy the ride, all the while while using what time I do have wisely.

Father of Endless Ages, You hold time in Your hands. Time continues towards eternity, and You are Eternal God! Thank You for the times of my life. Thank You for the changing seasons and the times I can start new. Forgive me for the time I waste in trivial and selfish pursuits. Redeem the time that passes too quickly and make my days fill up with Your plans. Teach me to number my days, Lord.
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