Thursday, December 30, 2010


I've been thinking back over the past year today. I thought it interesting that my memories did not begin with events, but with people. I would think of someone and my mind would drift into a memory. I think God likes us to start with people, not events. Jesus wanted us to break bread and take the cup of wine in remembrance of Him.

Most often the word communion is used in the context of the Christian ritual of taking bread and grape juice (or wine) in remembrance of Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross for us. Communion to me is a sharing of thoughts, emotions and memories. In this context we can have communion with friends and family by sharing those times in our lives we remember together.

Making time to have communion with our loved ones is a nice way to end the year. I may just need to give some people a call!

God with us, You ask us to remember Your time here on earth through communion. You asked us to do this at dinner the night before You paid the price for our sins. You united Yourself with us in communion by Your death. We join in that communion through faith in You. Thank You for the communion we share. I love You. I will remember all that You have done for me!
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