Monday, December 20, 2010

Finding the Lamb of God

During church yesterday I took notes. I always do, but yesterday was a bit different. Pastor John Hampton had a wonderful sermon. Shepherds: Choosing Spiritual Reality Over Temporary Treasure was the title. His words made me think, and so I not only wrote down what he said, but also my thoughts and rabbit trails! I think the Holy Spirit was in on the conversation too!

John spoke about the shepherds leaving behind their jobs to find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths. They left their comfort zone, and their experience changed their lives.

My thoughts ran down a trail as I imagined the shepherds standing guard that night over the Lamb of God! Their job was to take care of the lambs sometimes used in sacrifices. What greater job could they be given than being watchful over the one and only sacrificial Lamb?

The Holy Spirit reminded me of Jesus' parable of the lost sheep. He asked His followers who would not leave the 99 sheep to find the one that was lost. The night Jesus was born, the shepherds were called to find the Lamb of God who had left His heavenly home. Jesus, the Lamb of God, might not have been lost, but He was found. The shepherds left their flocks to find the one who would save them from being lost! It was the shepherds that were found that night. Their faith lead them to the place where they were found. Their trip to the stable was their act of faith that something miraculous had taken place.

The bible does not tell us much about the shepherds visit to the stable. It does tell us that the Lord sent angels to tell them about Jesus. They knew He was special because the angels said of Jesus' birth: Glory to God in the Highest and peace to His people on earth.! I imagine they asked Mary and Joseph questions, just like we do when we visit a new Mom or Dad. We ask about the birth and what they know of the child. The shepherds left, maybe with not all the answers, but knowing Gods' presence in their lives.

Lord Jesus, I love the thought that the shepherds might have come to find a lost lamb, but they found their Savior instead! I, too, have been looking for something in my life. Instead I have found a closer walk with You, a greater understanding of who You are. Thank You for finding me. Thank You for showing me Your light so that I might follow You through the darkness of this world to a home with You forever! You are the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Have mercy on us!
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